The Audre Lorde Harm Reduction Zine
Artist(s)/Author(s): Golden Collier
Format: Book
City Produced/Published: Philadelphia
Reference Number: B.35887.CO
Location: Box
Acquisition Date: 1/5/2024
Copies: 1

"utilizing the soul-affirming words of truth warrior Audre Lorde, this workbook is meant as a for anyone working (or considering working) to reduce the harm of addictive or unhelpful behaviors in their life. lots of juicy prompts and room for writing. may it serve you well ❤

a super helpful tool for:
❤ considering how you can care for yourself as an act of political warfare
❤ considering what models exist in your realms of experience and knowing that can aid you in sustaining your spirit and wellness
❤ examining what barriers exist to self care in your life
❤ reflecting on how reducing harm in your personal life can aid in liberation on a societal level
❤ taking inventory of your strengths and how they can serve you on your journey +much more!

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