AWY Episode 10: Sense3 Cluster Fuck
Artist(s)/Author(s): Jennifer Moon, laub
Format: Audio
Publisher: KCHUNG
Date Aired/Exhibited: 5/21/2017
Reference Number: DO.28258.Mo
Location: Digital Online
Acquisition Date: 5/21/2017
Collection: KCHUNG Archive

As some of you may have gathered from this Facebook post or another one laub posted about looking for a place to live (which has since been deleted) and also from the last episode of AWY about my infinite death labyrinth adventuring with vgti, laub and I are going through some changes in our relationship, an expansion to include a third (which may not always feel expansive or pleasant). We are merging into a cluster, a Sense3 of sorts (season 2 of Sense8 is out and it is good), which is pushing the boundaries and capacities of how we understand and enact intimacy, intimate relationships, and love.

From the beginning of our relationship, our merging, laub and I committed to expanding love beyond the 5%, meaning we relinquished ourselves to revolution, a continual death of selfs, in order to discover and foster a love and faith beyond binaries, hierarchies, and capital. This merging into a cluster of three has stimulated a restructuring of our relationship, a redefining of how we can be intimate with on another, sifting through belief entities and binding familial contracts that have taught us how to give and receive love. This may seem like an end of something but it is also the beginning of something remarkable, a revolutionary way of loving that can expand us beyond the 5%!

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