Care Shirt
Artist(s)/Author(s): Taeyoon Choi
Format: Archive Item
Reference Number: B33-31245
Acquisition Date: 7/15/2019
Copies: 1
Collection: T-Shirts
Donated By: Taeyoon Choi

"Care shirts are a part of The Distributed Web of Care initiative, a project exploring the Distributed Web as a peer-to-peer alternative web that prioritizes collective agency and individual ownership of data and code. The networks which dominate the world today define user in relation to data collection, control and financial accessibility. In critical opposition, the Distributed Web of Care, focuses on people and personhood – minorities, those who aren’t normatively abled and those who are less visible – emphasizing one’s integrity, security and privacy.  The project asks us to unlearn the assumption that technological innovation and automation is an inherent good, asking instead how we can code to care and code carefully. The entire profit of hoodie and t-shirt sales will fund the Distributed Web of Care fellowship this summer.

Printed on the front T-shirt is centered white handwritten text. All of the letters are capitalized and spaced out evenly between them. Words are stacked on top of one another vertically, with one word per line. The words alternate between visible text and text that is crossed out with a diagonal line from left to right through it. From top to bottom, the shirt reads: “Care,” “Control” (with a line crossing through it), “Person,” “User” (with a line crossing through it), “Unlearn,” “Machine Learn” (with lines crossing through it). The words Machine Learn are separated so as to each take up one line.

Printed on the back of the T-shirt is white handwritten text centered on the top. The back reads in all capital letters, “Uncomputable.” The “O” contains a hand-drawn smiley face inside of it. The letters are skinny and long, rather than spaced out evenly."

-Taeyoon Choi Website

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