Carla #36
Format: Book
Keywords: Carla
City Produced/Published: Los Angeles
Reference Number: ST.36651.CA
Location: Stacks
Acquisition Date: 5/31/2024
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Collection: CARLA

Contemporary Art Review Los Angeles (Carla) is a quarterly magazine and online art journal, committed to providing an active source for critical dialogue surrounding L.A.’s art community. Carla acts as a centralized space for art writing that is bold, honest, approachable, and focused on the here and now.

Carla issue 36 Contents include: 

Defying Narrative Containment, for E.L. and Others
–Maya Gurantz

Does it Move You?
How to Look at Art, According to the Late Robert Irwin
–Janelle Zara

From Earthwork to Test Plot
Transdisciplinary Approaches to Ecological Reparation
–Emma Kemp

Interview with Paulina Lara
–Joseph Daniel Valencia

Works in Progress
Featuring: Soo Kim
Photos: Leah Rom


Teddy Sandoval and the Butch Gardens School of Art at the Vincent Price Art Museum
–Philip Anderson

Lex Brown at Bel Ami
–Isabella Miller

Hugh Hayden at Lisson Gallery
–Alexander Schneider

Diana Yesenia Alvarado at Jeffrey Deitch
–Eva Recinos

(L.A. in N.Y.)
Cauleen Smith at 52 Walker
–Shameekia Shantel Johnson

(L.A. in São Paulo)
Candice Lin at Almeida & Dale
–Mateus Nunes

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