Artist(s)/Author(s): Vanessa Holyoak
Format: Book, Archive Item
Edition: First Edition 6/20
Publisher: Vanessa Holyoak
Date Published/Produced: 5/2017
Reference Number: ST.31478.Ho
Location: Stacks
Acquisition Date: 3/11/2020

"Cartographies is a book project that examines the interaction between short texts written from 2016-2017 and film photographs taken during the same period as well as from archives of slightly older images. (All texts and images are my own.) The texts include short prose poems, surrealist short stories, dream narratives and poetry, in haiku and freeform. They are concerned with phenomenological narratives — part observation, part imagination, they attempt to forge a middle ground between reality and dream. Their cohesion with the images that accompany them invites the reader to go beyond a typical reading experience, in which images are conjured only in the mind, instead suggesting a pairing of text and image that aims to simulate lived experience and the inevitable intertwining of language and visual stimuli that informs how we perceive phenomena, both present and remembered. 

The images and texts are taken from cartographies both inner and outer — spanning physical continents, from the islands of Canada’s Pacific Northwest to Iceland, Finland and Sweden, as well as traversing legions of invisible internal terrain. The book functions as a map without a legend, the reader left to construct their own imagined territory from the associative cues of my fragmented cartography."

- SW

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