Close Distance
Date Published/Produced: 2024
City Produced/Published: Omaha
Reference Number: OS.36017.SC
Location: Oversized Stacks
Acquisition Date: 2/2/2024

words have gone to sleep inside my head: the promise of a waterfront and the breath of distance, Volume 2, Issue 1.

"Close Distance Journal is an online poetics publication of and about work in process. Coming fall 2017, we seek and share the work of writers, artists and thinkers across disciplines and borders to talk about making, movement, and forming, about being in process, in thought, in between places and feelings, and being influenced. Through dialogue about the unfinished it is our intention to create openings in the discourses on art, criticism, and politics that are often confined to and by academia or structured according the standards of established high culture. Close Distance is a porous platform where stones spill." -Close Distance

Contents include:

Elena Ailes - Pphhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhew
Benjamin Krusling - bitch I'm too high seeing visions; today is a killer
Aryana Minai - two squares
Maximus Oppenheimer - true spirit...never ceases
Mattea Perrotta - selected pages from the diary of Marianna Castelli Perrotta
Mayra A. Rodriguez Castro + Bitsy Knox - instructions to bury a stone from Berlin in Omaha
Albert Samreth - possibly lost in transit
Selma Selman - Dear Omer
Hamza Walker - sent separately, at a later time

edited by Lara Macarena Schoorl wile in residence at Maple Street Construct in Omaha, Nebraska.
*the cicada shell, a reference to a sound chamber and one that grows a musical insect, is a loose and conceptual translation of the audio pieces that Benjamin Krusling sent.


-S.L. 02/02/2024

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