Artist(s)/Author(s): Nicholas Gaby
Format: Archive Item
Reference Number: 0.31681.GA
Acquisition Date: 10/16/2020
Collection: Nicholas Gaby
Donated By: Nicholas Gaby

These are treated cast concrete containers ranging in size.  

Small lids: 1.25x1.25x.5"
Small containers: 1.25x1.25x1

Larger container: 1.7/8x1.7/8x1.5"
Large lid: 1/7/8x1.5"

Some containers are prototypes for upcoming LACA vitrine project. One lid and container is stamped with serial numbers these are from a larger installation that occured at the Yale School of art galleries. 

12 objects.
3 lids. 
8 containers. 
1 nested container.