Double Song Portrait (X)
Artist(s)/Author(s): Erik Moskowitz, Amanda Trager
Format: Book
Keywords: oral history
City Produced/Published: Halifax
Reference Number: ST.36599.MO
Location: Stacks
Acquisition Date: 5/17/2024
Donated By: David Diviney

Exhibition book related to the installation of Double Song-Portrait:

"A song-exchange between Theresa Brewster and Father Stanley MacDonald. Exploring relationships between people, places, and histories, within communities. Double Song-Portrait (X) brings Brewster and MacDonald into an exchange, realized by the viewer’s own movements in the gallery space. This is a work that considers multiple perspectives: that of the artists, their interview-subjects, and the audience. The work posits a shifting, entangled identity between the interview-subjects; the incommensurability of their lives remains, however, in the details of their separate words and lyrics."


-S.L. 5/17/2024

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