Easy to be Hard
Artist(s)/Author(s): Mario Ayala, Henry Gunderson
Format: Book
Keywords: photography
Edition: Second edition
Publisher: Colpa Press
City Produced/Published: San Francisco
Reference Number: OS.34398.AY
Location: Oversized Stacks
Acquisition Date: 1/6/2023
Copies: 1

9x12 inches

Digital press on silk coated 80C

Screenprinted cover on 1C mirror paper - INVERTED

18 sheets mounted to 98pt book board

Chicago screw post binding

Rounded corners

Limited edition artist book based on Mario Ayala and Henry Gunderson's Easy To Be Hard exhibition at Ever Gold [Projects], June 12 - August 18th. Co-published with Ever Gold [Projects]. Essay by Jeffrey Deitch.

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