Elegy of the Machine
Format: Audio
Edition: 100
Duration: 37min
Publisher: Umor Rex Records
City Produced/Published: Mexico City
Reference Number: 0.20484.SW
Location: Box
Acquisition Date: 7/7/2016
Copies: 1


"Six years ago we started this label. One of our first releases (they were all digital back then) was the self-titled Tank Battalion Attack Ep. This Tulsa, Oklahoma band was formed by Ryan Swafford, Aaron Nigh Herndon, and Daniel Grout. We have decided to re-release this album on cassette; side A will include the five original tracks— industrial- apocalyptic rumblings, homemade musical deconstructions, sparse, pummeling, oddly captivating stuff with just the right tinge of subtle melancholy. We loved this back then, we love it still. On the B side you will find 6 new tracks by Roma Dune, Aaron Nigh Herndon’s personal project, and which he has been working on ever since the dissolution of Tank Battalion Attack. Roma Dune shares some of the concrete, punch to the gut feel of Tank Battalion Attack, with repetition and controlled dissonance as key elements… yet Roma Dune seems to aim for a larger sound vocabulary. Tank Battalion Attack flirted somehow with ambient and krautrock, but Roma Dune goes for a more narrative/cinematic kind of shape"

via Umor Rex records ~ 6/7/16

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