Fallen Fruit Magazine: San Bernadino Edition
Artist(s)/Author(s): David Burns, Austin Young
Format: Book
Keywords: zine, Magazine, collage
Number of Pages: 68
Publisher: Fallen Fruit
Date Published/Produced: 2019
City Produced/Published: Los Angeles
Reference Number: ST.31604.Bu
Location: Stacks
Acquisition Date: 8/16/2020
Copies: 1

"This zine is made by Fallen Fruit (David Burns and Austin Young) and everyone who participated. This issue made possible by our collaboration with Arts Connection and program specialist, Danielle Giudici Wallis and artists Nikia Chaney and Bob "Uncle Ba- con" Hurton. 

Fallen Fruit Magazine brings together public participation, local histories and story-telling. Using strategies of collage this temporary team of culture advocates use fruit as a symbol, object and/or subject to create original edi- torial content to produce in one-day a site-specific limited edition contemporary culture magazine. Each edition is unique and is edittorially focused to topics and subject matter that is historically meaningful to a neighborhood and/ or region. For the 'San Bernadino Edition,' we collaborated with local SB artists, Uncle Bacon and Nikia Chaney. 

March 10th, 2018 from noon to 3pm Zine workshop , Orange you glad and Enfless Orchard at the San Bernadino County Museum . May 12th 2018 at the Feldheym Library from 1-3pm - Fallen Fruit zine workshop and The End- less Orchard Fruit Tree Adoption and on May 19th, 2018 with The Fallen Fruit zine workshop and tree adoption at The Garcia Center for the Arts from 1-3pm - plant the perimeter! #FFSB

Future "Fallen Fruit San Bernadino!" events are being planned in Victorville and Crestline. For more information please visit www.artsconnectionnetwork.org"

- SW

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