First Aide to Face Adversity
Artist(s)/Author(s): Kuwa Jasiri
Format: Book
Reference Number: B.35904.JA
Location: Box
Acquisition Date: 1/12/2024
Copies: 1

1/2 sized, 26 pages

First Aide To Face Adversity is a labor of love co-created by an Herbalist and Street Medic. This beautifully illustrated digital zine is equal parts first aide primer, herbal reference guide, and personalized notebook featuring bilingual content with page numbers, medical terminology, anatomical and botanical guides in Spanish and English. Its decolonial narrative on health and wellbeing thankfully pries care work from the cold hands of industrialized, white medical hegemony and demands accountability and respect for indigenous practice and worldview.

Table of Contents: Scene Safety, Basic Wound Care, Burns, Blisters, Basic Splinting, Chemical Weapons, Plant Uses, Response In Español.

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