Artist(s)/Author(s): Albin Skaghammar
Format: Book
Keywords: On Love
Series: 3
Publisher: Longetti
City Produced/Published: Copenhagen
Reference Number: ST.31220.SK
Location: Stacks
Acquisition Date: 6/9/2019
Copies: 1
Donated By: Anna Stahn

In Albin Skaghammars personal essay Gone memory merges with video pieces, movie classics and detective novels. In it we encounter a number of subjects and stories. From the death of Greek tragedian Aeschylus to slapstick cinema, tearful Tumblr blogs to mourning artists, early detective fiction to dreams of the perfect heist. In Gone we also meet the I who is writing about all these things. Who himself is searching for connections – like a sleuth – by trying to weave personal memories and anecdotes together with works of art. 

Albin Skaghammar, born 1994, is a visual artist who lives in Malmö, where he is currently studying at the Master of Fine Arts programme at Malmö Art Academy. He is co-founder and curator of the artist-run gallery and project space DELFI.


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