Hermit - Stroke Vol. 3
Artist(s)/Author(s): David Bayus
Format: Book
Edition: 81/100
Number of Pages: 64
Dimensions: 8.5x10.5
Publisher: Colpa Press
Date Published/Produced: 2015
City Produced/Published: San Francisco
Reference Number: ST.32448
Location: Stacks
Acquisition Date: 7/2/2021
Copies: 1
Donated By: Luca Nino Antonucci

Stroke Vol.3 is the third publication in an ongoing collaboration between David Bayus and Colpa Press. This volume functions as a film journal for Bayus' newest animated short film, Hermit. The purchase comes with a 1080p digital download of Hermit. This publication was presented at the 2016 LA Art Book Fair in conjunction with the world premiere of Hermit at Vacancy as part of a larger exhibition by David Bayus. Documentation of the exhibition can be seen here.

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