How & Why, Who Knows What, Where & When
Artist(s)/Author(s): Cal Tabuena-Frolli
Format: Book
Edition: Edition of 27
Number of Pages: 8
Dimensions: Dimensions Variable, Max dimensions 13" x 18"
Publisher: Alum Rock Press
City Produced/Published: Los Angeles
Reference Number: B.31063.TA
Location: Box
Acquisition Date: 2/24/2019
Copies: 1
Donated By: Cal Tabuena-Frolli

Series of 8 screen prints about information and how it's used.

A Self-directed research project. 

Each print starts with a question and answers it in the form of research paired with an image developed over the course of a year.


SP002: How have gay people been hurt by journalism?

SP003: Why did I not vote in 2016?

SP004: How big is Amazon?

SP005: Why do I not hate Kanye West?

SP006: Do surveillance states currently exist?

SP007: Why is Rachel Dolezal important?

SP008: How does information warfare work?

SP009: Where is the artist's place in the cycle of gentrification?

An explainer catalogue is provided and part of the publication.