Artist(s)/Author(s): Karl-Magnus Johansson
Format: Book, Archive Item
Edition: First Edition
Number of Pages: 320
ISBN: 978-91-984657-0-9
Date Published/Produced: 2018
City Produced/Published: Göteborg
Reference Number: ST.31508
Location: Stacks
Acquisition Date: 3/11/2020

"What conditions inscription? Why are certain statements allowed to emerge in archival substrates? These questions are asked in this publication as it explores the concept of inscription–the archival moment that is constituted by the materialization of statements. It does so by including approaches from a variety of academic fields such as media theory, philosophy and critical theory, as well as works by practitioners of contemporary art.

With contributions by Akram Zaatari, Amalia Ulman, Anne de Vries, Cecilia Grönberg, D-M Withers, Hannah Quinlan, Jenna Sutela, Lori Emerson, Martin Kohout, Martine Syms, Monira al Qadiri, Rosie Hastings and Yuk Hui. Edited by Karl-Magnus Johansson."

- SW

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