Artist(s)/Author(s): FAY
Format: Paper Document(s)
Keywords: Program, Information
Date Aired/Exhibited: 3/11/2017
City Produced/Published: Los Angeles
Reference Number: 0.30026.FA
Acquisition Date: 9/13/2017
Copies: 13
Collection: Human Resources
Donated By: Hugo Cervantes

Programming sheet for INSIDE YOU IS ME.

Inside You Is Me featured an ongoing sound composition created by Jonathan Mandabach and Jacqueline Gordon on 3/11/2017-3/12/2017. It explores sonic hierarchies in public and private space; modeling how powerfully sound can communicate and create emotion with or without our consent. Integrating sound design techniques with live and recorded voice recordings from the neighborhood, the composition will be changed throughout the residency and continually build and shift with the different wall configurations and choreography. A library of reading materials and tools that influenced Gordon will be available for perusal.

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