The Love Bus: Ciborowski
Artist(s)/Author(s): Christina Ciborowskis
Format: Book
Publisher: Longetti on Love
Reference Number: OS.31158.CI
Location: Oversized Stacks
Acquisition Date: 5/16/2019
Copies: 1
Donated By: Anna Stahn

Longetti’s first series is On Love. The intention of this publication is to operate in the both simple and complex landscape of love, and to show different perspectives on a theme that is on everyone’s mind in some kind of way. Our three books in this series are about art forms that emanate with love, lost loved ones and about the anxious feeling when you are about to see your loved one. In our books you will find old loves, new loves, revolutionary lovers riding on a motorcycle, the love for detective novels and a bus driver who has devoted her life to the nobel act of riding lovers around.


The Love Bus is Christina Ciborowskis first short story and is also her debut on print. It’s a story about the lonesome bus driver Ellen who drives lonely lovers around. In the bus we meet the girl Sam who has just been kissed by her new lover for the first time; a stolen kiss! We meet Ruth who has been together with Harry for ages and now he’s drifting away. And we meet Ali, a hardworking man who is crazy about his woman Leila. 

Christina Ciborowski was born in 1975. She has been writing prose for many years and has done readings at The National Gallery of Denmark and Øverste Kirurgiske. Christina has worked with the sound artist Tanja Schlander combining text and soundscapes. She lives and works in Copenhagen. 

So sit back, enjoy your ride on The Love Bus, and remember: If the light gets in your eyes, please pull down the curtains for your convenience.

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