A Manifesto on the Appropriation of Space: A Methodology for Making Architecture
Artist(s)/Author(s): APRDELESP
Format: Book, Archive Item
Edition: First Edition
Number of Pages: 44
ISBN: 978-607-97969-5-2
Date Published/Produced: 2019
City Produced/Published: Mexico City
Reference Number: ST.31496
Location: Stacks
Acquisition Date: 3/11/2020

"Buildings are not empty containers awaiting their inhabitants. They are composed of a large and ever-changing array of objects. During construction, prioritizing certain objects — like walls, floors, roofs, etc. — limits appropriation itself. In order to increase the opportunities of appropriation, objects that are traditionally dealt with by architects to encompass the possibility of object — such as a wall, sink, chair —would need to be augmented."


- SW

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