[mashacare satin poly varvara stepanova fabric scrap]
Reference Number: B.31546.SU
Location: Box
Acquisition Date: 6/30/2020
Collection: Molly Surazhsky
Donated By: Molly Surazhsky

Fabric scrap from Mashacare: Home of the Freaks, Misfits, & Weirdoes collection and exhibition. Satin poly printed fabric includes collage of the artist at her Babushka's dacha in Ukraine, Maslenitsa, and the appropriated textile of Constructivist artist, Varvara Stepanova. Mashacare: Home of the Freaks, Misfits, & Weirdoes is a utopic floating city set in the year 2100 amidst the dystopic backdrop of ice melt. 

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