Memories of El Monte
Format: Book
Keywords: zine, screen print
Edition: Second Edition
Number of Pages: 16
Publisher: Lunch Break LA
Date Published/Produced: 2020
City Produced/Published: Los Angeles
Reference Number: OS.31491.Di
Location: Oversized Stacks
Acquisition Date: 3/11/2020
Copies: 2

"We are excited to present a 2nd edition of Memories of El Monte, a zine by native Los Angeles collaborators on the history and impact of The Art Laboe Connection. A second printing of the first edition + screenprinted companion poster will be available at the LA Art Book Fair.

Collaborators: bongripsinthehood, Diana Diaz, Lizette Hernandez, GiaTess, Mark Nieto/COMBAT!, Diana Yesenia Alvarado, Rachel Mendelsohn, Misha Lindes, Mukta Mohan, Ghazal Heshemi & Johah Birns, Tanya Bertone."

- SW

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