No.35, elongated domestic gallery space, the men and women are referred to in the text as,
Artist(s)/Author(s): Alex Hetherington
Format: Paper Document(s)
Edition: 50
City Produced/Published: Stirling
Reference Number: 30858.HE
Acquisition Date: 11/27/2018

A series of nine domestically set installations, performances and screenings over the course of July 2017 until Decemver 2018, with artists Andrew Gannon, Catherine Street, Elín Jakobsdottír, Jane Topping, Helen McCrorie, Lauren Printy Currie, Jonathan Owen and Karen Cunningham. Much of the work was documented on 16mm film, which is presented as a separate project. Curated and written texts by Alex Hetherington, with further writing from Mark Sadler.