Not One Tree; The Forest and its Partisans
Artist(s)/Author(s): Sasha Tycko, Grace Glass, A C Corey
Format: Book, Digital File
Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5
Publisher: n+1
Reference Number: 36611.TY
Acquisition Date: 5/20/2024

This zine collects two essays about the life, work, and goals of the forest defenders in Atlanta. First published in the Fall 2023 issue of n+1, “Not One Tree”—by Grace Glass with Sasha Tycko—provides an expansive emotional and inner history of the defenders’ life and work over the past two and a half years. A. C. Corey’s “The Forest and Its Partisans,” published at in January 2024, considers the Stop Cop City project in the larger history of US left movements and offers tentative conclusions about where to go from here. The zine includes a series of stunning photos of the forest taken by Tycko, as well as a list of resources and further reading.

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