Organizing Power Volume 2
Format: Book
Edition: First edition of 500
Date Published/Produced: 2021
City Produced/Published: Emeryville
Reference Number: OS.32734.AA
Location: Oversized Stacks
Acquisition Date: 1/28/2022
Copies: 1

Organizing Power Volume 2 is a 40-page Risograph-printed booklet designed to provide arts/nonprofit workers with tools to negotiate union contracts. A follow-up to Volume 1, Volume 2 answers the question, “You’ve formed a union: great! What now?”

The booklet text was written and compiled by me, Ana Fox-Hodess, and Martin Oropeza, and includes contributions from the Art Workers Union at the Frye Museum, Amber Bales, Jill Grant, Robin Kaiser-Schatzlein, Jamie Kavanah, Matt Kennedy, Dana Kopel, Yasmin Adele Majeed, Nat Naylor, and SFMOMA bargaining team members. Design and printing by Paul Morgan. Volume 2 was funded by Southern Exposure’s Alternative Exposure Grant Program and The Andy Warhol Foundation.

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