Red Teddy
Artist(s)/Author(s): Roman Mitch
Format: Book
Keywords: Mokopōpaki
Edition: Edition of 200
Dimensions: 8.3 x 11.7
Publisher: Mokopōpaki, Te Tuhi
Date Published/Produced: 12/2023
Date Aired/Exhibited: 9/25/2022
City Produced/Published: Auckland
Venue: Te Tuhi
Reference Number: 36614.MI
Acquisition Date: 5/20/2024

Published 2023 by Mokopōpaki and Te Tuhi to accompany Red Teddy by Roman Mitch, Te Tuhi, Auckland (25 September-13 November 2022). 24 pages: colour illustrations. Spray painted insert by Roman Mitch; screenprinted cover made by Struan Hamilton and Greg Thomas.