[Repose: Closing Performances Program]
Artist(s)/Author(s): Rebecca Bruno, Geneva Skeen, Sarah Rara
Format: Archive Item, Paper Document(s)
Date Aired/Exhibited: 2/18/2017
City Produced/Published: Los Angeles
Reference Number: B31-28122.Br
Collection: Human Resources

Program for Repose: Closing Performances.


These three performances by Rebecca Bruno, Sarah Rara, and Geneva Skeen are part of New York artist Yann Novak’s solo exhibition Repose.

“Rebecca Bruno will offer a choreographic response to Novak’s Repose.Heptaptych. A gestural run-on sentence performed in four orientations meditating on the relationship between movement, subjectivity, and repetition. Sarah Rara will present Separating the Air, a new performance which involves games of listening and learning between voice and computer at the boundary between music and speech. Each part is a device to punctuate silence, divide time, move the air. Geneva Skeen will present Pop Song, a temporal response to Novak’s drone work, and a cultural response to our times. In harmonizing with Novak’s loop – divided into 3-4 minute segments (the average acceptable length of a pop song) – Skeen’s Pop Songacknowledges that populist times call for populist measures, but refuses populist comfort, acceptance, and pale standards of beauty as means of resistance.”

-Human Resources website.


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