Ripples on the Pond
Artist(s)/Author(s): Alex Hetherington
Format: Paper Document(s)
Keywords: film, interviews, video
Edition: 50
City Produced/Published: Glasgow
Reference Number: 30795
Acquisition Date: 9/27/2018

Ripples on the Pond was an exhibition of works from Glasgow Museums’ collection. It included recent acquisitions from Glasgow Women’s Library’s 21 Revolutions series, relating them to other works in the collection and sparking questions about gender, themes and media choice in relation to women’s practice and visibility.

This exhibition also featured artists’ screenings within and beyond the gallery space. These were programmed in collaboration with Modern Edinburgh Film School and LUX Scotland. Themes of play, landscape, feminism, place and visibility emerged, as the exhibition offered the viewer a chance to learn more about the works in the collection and gain an understanding of the genealogy of practice, both locally and internationally, of women artists living and working in Glasgow.

Interviews and publications on artists Rosalind Nashashibi, Anne Colvin, Karen Cunningham, Mairi Lafferty, Anne-Marie Copestake, Sarah Forrest, Ruth Barker, Allison Gibbs and Catherine Street.