Artist(s)/Author(s): Max Kutner
Format: Audio
Keywords: acoustic, sound art
City Produced/Published: New York
Reference Number: 0.32605.KU
Acquisition Date: 9/10/2021
Copies: 1
Donated By: Max Kutner

If this collection of pieces has an overarching theme, I would say that such a theme could be identified as "attic" music. This is not just an inventory of reflection but the sound of reflections joined to the physical, raw moment of the present through improvisation. Put another way, this is the sound of my memories as they are right now.

Each of these ten originals and adaptations occupies a unique corner of my mind and the people, places and times with which they are associated often fails to corporealize with mere verbal description. I wanted to be entirely candid with regard not only to which memories I chose to present but also the means of transmitting those as a document.

Even if communicating in this fashion is unabashed exhibitionism, I felt the level of catharsis achieved by this means was compelling enough to share as an entry to my greater artistic body. "rummagelore" refers to the method as much as the content.

-M.K. 9/10/21

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