Publisher: Galerie Buchholz
City Produced/Published: New York City
Reference Number: ST.34024.HA
Location: Stacks
Acquisition Date: 9/16/2022
Copies: 1
Collection: John Burtle
Donated By: John Birtle


9/16/22 Gabriel Tolson

Mid-sized, full color print. Scattered text, screenshots (twitter, Facebook, pornographic, tabloids), collage, internet archive, digital crust.


Description from the artist:

"Secret Passage 6:

Bonnard, Villiegle, Twomboy, WSB, FBess, Hatchet Kai, Picabia, thirst trapgedies, all some young dudes, religious conversion therapy, Moreau, Teenage Moster Makeup, I touched up a Martha Rosler, TFaulk update, yetceterea

self-published 2019 by richard hawkins and Galerie Buchholz

2019, 42 pages, Owrps, fully illustrated in colour, 24.8 x 19.6 cm

Euro 20,"

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