soft with a blowtorch
Artist(s)/Author(s): AK Jenkins
Format: Book
City Produced/Published: Valencia
Reference Number: ST.35884.JE
Location: Stacks
Acquisition Date: 1/5/2024

In “Soft with a Blowtorch” AK Jenkins opens up understanding of masculinity and takes them further, looking beyond the narrow constrictions of gender, in an artful play with fantasy and imagination.

“Soft with a Blowtorch” seeks to expand the everyday archive of Black butch life and masculinity archetypes. Merging pop culture, sport, Black and queer iconography, the show puts queer masculinity at the center — questioning too, the kinds of performative ways the binary even seeps into LGBTQIA+ life, while refusing to give it ultimate prescriptive power. — “Soft with a Blowtorch” | AK Jenkins

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