SW4 Issue 1
Series: SW4
Publisher: Cash Machine
Date Published/Produced: 8/11/2023
City Produced/Published: Los Angeles
Reference Number: B.35443.AR
Location: Box
Acquisition Date: 9/15/2023
Copies: 1
Donated By: Kayla Tange

First issue of SW4, newsprint created by and for sex workers.

"In collaboration with artist and performer Kayla Tange/Coco Ono comes the first issue of SW4. Born out of a love for classic Times Square and Santa Monica Blvd adult books and theaters aesthetic with a wash of the psychedelic sex poetry of the legendary personal ad, comes SW4. The magazine was made by and for sex workers. Speaking their desires to a world that stigmatizes them for fulfilling theirs. Featuring interviews, classifieds, photography, and essays fro some of the best in the field. Are you 4 SW4" -https://www.cashmachine.la/newsprintpostersprints/sw4-issue-1 

- D.R.

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