Their Body Became (an offering)
Artist(s)/Author(s): Laur Lewis, veronique d'entremont
Keywords: Ritual, bees, poetry, mourning
Date Published/Produced: 5/2021
City Produced/Published: Los Angeles
Reference Number: 32460
Acquisition Date: 7/2/2021
Donated By: Hugo Cervantes


In a queering of the Catholic “ex novoto” tradition, where symbols of body parts can be used as offerings that evoke gratitude or desire for healing, Laur Lewis Neal will lead participants in a ritual, accessible and open to all, that centers queer and trans bodies. Participants will be guided through a practice of letting go; offering up parts of themselves that no longer serve them so that healing can enter the new space left behind. This ritual acknowledges the transformative act of relinquishing ownership, infusing generosity and gratitude into the objects, identities or traumas we choose to release. 

In the Catholic ex novoto tradition, symbols of body parts are used as offerings that evoke gratitude or desire for healing. For our re-imagined ex novoto practice, we ask that you bring to this ritual an idea of your own ex novoto, whether it is a body part, identity, story or trauma that you want to shed. We will ritualize its release together, creating generosity as a door to healing. 

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