Voodoo Politics
Artist(s)/Author(s): Emory Lambus
Format: Book
Edition: 100
Number of Pages: 90
Dimensions: 4.25" x 6.5"
Publisher: Solano Archives
Reference Number: OS.31202
Location: Oversized Stacks
Acquisition Date: 6/9/2019
Copies: 1

Voodoo Politics is an anthology of the writing of Emory Lambus. Lambus, an itinerant artist and craftsman, maintains a daily practice of writing. These writings, housed on 3x5 notecards, retain the texture, both viscerally and lyrically, of a life of observation. From a fixed and critical perspective, Lambus has watched American political and cultural trends pass like the rotating images of a slot machine. His commentary ranges wildly formally, but is unified by his singular point of view and faith in his own voice. Lambus deconstructs language to reclaim his own narrative and make the hypocrisy of our culture, the Voodoo Politics of America, plainly apparent to the reader. 

Lambus' writings have been archived by Henry Taylor and Cassi Namoda, and edited and published by Solano Archives. 

Each book comes with a reproduction of 35 of Emory Lambus' notecards


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