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title: AW Episode 32: What is Love?!
aired: 5/17/2015
venue: KCHUNG

description: "Nothing that we call love is natural or inherent," states anthropologist Dredge Käng in this excavating episode dedicated to polyamory and revolutionary forms of relational love. My crestfallen response to hearing this: "There's no magic love thing?" I started off this show wanting to discuss how polyamory can eliminate unexpansive, socially constructed emotions like jealousy and what I got was an understanding of polyamory as an ethical form of intimate multi-partnered love based on values of consent, transparency, and communication plus an informative run down of how different cultural and economic systems produce different forms of normative relational love. The configuration of our intimate love relationships is sculpted by the needs of the system in which it resides. In a capitalist society like ours, extended families are not favored because capitalism thrives when workers are split apart from each other: when people are self-centered and individualistic, it is better for capitalism. Romantic love or who you fall in love with, which maintains this idea of autonomy and choice, then becomes the most important decision you will ever make in your life: it is The Ultimate Choice. So if romantic love is a construct of capitalism to maintain capitalism, what is true love?! Listen in and let's discover true love together! Robert's polyamory playlist.

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