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title: The Unwrinkled Ear Inaugural Festival Special
aired: 3/27/2018
artists/guests: The Unwrinkled Ear
venue: KCHUNG

description: Celebrating the musicians in The Unwrinkled Ear Festival of Improvised Music, April 7th and 8th:Evan Parker - Conic Section 2Sten Sandell - Omöblerat IIAALY Trio - AlbumblattRoscoe Mitchell - ErickaBobby Bradford/ Ornette Coleman/ Dewey Redman/ Charlie Haden/ Ed Blackwell - School WorkEvan Parker/ Paul Lovens/ Dave Holland/ Paul Rutherford - to meet bKjell Nordeson/ David Stackenas/ LIndha Svantesson - StrorkenKjell Nordeson - Miramar pt. 1Sten Sandell (with Kjell Nordeson) - Gods and Men I Roscoe Mitchell and the Sound and Space Ensemble - Snurdy McGurdy and her Dancin ShoesBobby Bradford/ John Carter Quintet - Ode to the Flower MaidenSten Sandell/ Nina de Heney/ Sofia Jernberg - a som i abstraktEvan Parker/ Lawrence Casserly/ Joel Ryan - Instant 3Art Ensemble of Chicago - CypKjell Nordeson/ Guillermo Gregorio/ Mats Gustafsson - Just About Five (a)Roscoe Mitchell - tkhkeEvan Parker - line 2Sten Sandell/ Johann Berthling/ Paal Nillsen-Love - Flat Iron IIRoscoe Mitchell and the Sound Ensemble - The Stick and the Stone

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