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title: AW Episode 2: The Brilliance of Judging Others
aired: 8/14/2012
artists/guests: Jennifer Moon, Robert Watkins
venue: KCHUNG

description: As Michael Jackson passionately sings, "I'm starting with the man in the mirror!" Yet sometimes in order to truly see and get to the man in the mirror, one must start by paying attention to how you judge others because it will clue you into how you judge yourself. "The way in which you judge yourself can be indistinct: it often occurs involuntarily under many layers and in many disguises without your recognition or consent. Therefore, an excellent guide to figure out how you judge yourself is to become hyper-aware of how you judge others because the things you judge so harshly in others are essentially the things you judge so harshly in yourself…" Once you identify the ways in which you judge yourself, the healing can begin; so what are you waiting for, let the judging begin! Robert's episode 2 playlist.

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