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title: AW Episode 5: Learning to Love Myself (it is The Greatest Love of All)
aired: 11/18/2012
artists/guests: Jennifer Moon, Robert Watkins
keywords: revolution, love, honesty
venue: KCHUNG

description: Last episode, I felt overcome with fear in an attempt to say the "right" thing: to say things in line with what I believe a revolutionary operating from a place of abundance would say. This preoccupation with saying the right thing ultimately prevented me from being honest and also vulnerable, necessary qualities to enable magic. So this episode, I'm gonna fuck shit up! No notes, no script; just me and Mr. Snuggles ready to rumble with my own unexpansive beliefs and feelings of lack so that they can continue to loosen their grip on me to allow for greater freedom. I might just say stupid, unexpansive, unrevolutionary, and wrong shit and I'm gonna like it and maybe you will too. Robert's fun playlist.

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