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title: AW Episode 7: Betrayal is My Best Friend
aired: 2/17/2013
venue: KCHUNG

description: Adventures Within is now a 2-hour show! That's an hour of talk with Jennifer Moon and an hour of music with Robert Watkins! To inaugurate this new phase of adventuring within, we have a very special guest co-host, Barbie Insua. Join Jennifer and Barbie as they adventure within Bipolar disorder, portrayals of betrayal, and learning to love one's perceived enemies. Through this episode, I have realized that when one exists from a place of wholehearted empathy and untempered understanding of another—to really see a person beyond one's beliefs and fears and to also see oneself in another—there is no longer any need for forgiveness. In fact, the concept of forgiveness ceases to exist because one realizes there is nothing to forgive. Now that's revolutionary! Robert's betrayal playlist.

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