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title: AW Episode 8: The Teenage Trap
aired: 4/21/2013
venue: KCHUNG

description: Were you able to talk about shame when you were a teen? Or were you encouraged to not feel bad and just be HAPPY :D!!! If we don't learn to recognize and acknowledge our shame, lean into it, bring it in closer, and learn to love it, it will continue to kick our butts and dictate our perception and behavior in unexpected and unfortunate ways throughout our adult lives. According to Brené Brown "shame is all about unwanted identities and labels" and scientific studies have suggested that our self-image developed during our adolescent years will likely govern how we see ourselves for the rest of our lives! Given this information, Jennifer Senior writes the following in a New York Magazine article, "Why You Truly Never Leave High School": "...if humans really do feel things most intensely during adolescence, and if, at this same developmental moment, they also happen to be working out an identity for the first time...then it seems safe to say this: Most American high schools are almost sadistically unhealthy places to send adolescents." Listen to episode 8 of Adventures Within with three courageous teenage guests, Hason, Iris, and Yessy, and get ready to be thrown back into your adolescent years! Robert's teenager playlist.

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