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title: AW Episode 17: A Love Affair
aired: 1/19/2014
artists/guests: Jennifer Moon, Robert Watkins
venue: KCHUNG

description: What is love? The ancient Greeks identified several forms of love: kinship or familial love (storgē); friendship or comradely love (philía); sensual, passionate love (érōs); and a selfless, unconditional form of love (agápē). Modern authors further distinguish varieties of love to include playful love, obsessive love, pragmatic love, and love of self. This diversity of uses and meanings, combined with the complexity of feelings associated with love, makes love difficult to consistently define as well as wield as a transformative force for revolution. Listen as I adventure within love in its many forms and manifestations. Can I differentiate unadulterated love from love that is diluted with other motivations and emotions? What forms of love do I practice or value over others? Is there a hierarchy of love? If love is to become the political force to thoroughly transform society, it's time we really understand what love truly is. Robert's love playlist.

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