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title: AW Episode 22: My Body and Me
aired: 7/20/2014
venue: KCHUNG

description: Anti-fat bias refers to the prejudicial assumption of personality characteristics based on a visual assessment of a person perceived to be overweight or obese. How many of you make judgments about people based on their weight? Are you even aware of it? If you think you don't, how many of you would be okay if you woke up one day eighty pounds heavier or even twenty pounds heavier? If the idea of becoming fat scares you or is even a bit undesirable, then this is the show for you. How do we work with our deeply ingrained beliefs and assumptions about fatness, shaped by mass media and the medical industry, to learn to accept and love all people of all shapes and sizes? It begins by learning to love my own body, no matter what it looks like. And learning to love my body, no matter what, means identifying and acknowledging what my specific prejudicial assumptions are around fatness. Join me and special guest co-host, Lindsay Tunkl, as we adventure within our own judgments of our bodies in order to discover how to love and cherish our bodies beyond our beliefs! Robert's body playlist.

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