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title: AW Episode 29: The Gifts of Intuition
aired: 2/15/2015
venue: KCHUNG

description: Perhaps one of the greatest gifts you can give another human being is to look inside their interior, to look past their constructed identities and see and respond to their energy. This depth of psychic energetic connection is what artist intuitives Asher Hartman and Haruko Tanaka of Krystal Krunch offer to the world. So often we suffer in that place of not being enough and through generous intuitive readings based on the energy points of one's subtle body (also known as chakras), Asher and Haruko help people come in contact with their highest and best potential. Listen in as Krystal Krunch peer inside my interior and pull out lavishly fantastical and profoundly delightful surreal imagery, pushing the limits of language and thought, in order to realign myself with my most expansive and most revolutionary self. To quote Asher, "The inside is so rich and complex and we're so far apart from it most of the time; we are led to believe that we can be smaller and smaller...but when we are in our full power then really we can do anything." It's time to acknowledge and hone our own intuitive abilities and help each other align with their full power and make revolution possible!

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