AOHG Patricia Fernandez LP
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AOHG Young Chung LP
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AOHG Chung and Fernandez Records
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Oral history of Patricia Fernández Carcedo and Young Chung by
Autonomous Oral History Group founder Hailey Loman.
AOHG) is a cooperative examining ethics operating in leadership roles.
All interviews, recordings, transcriptions and ephemera collected during
the process are assembled and made accessible as an oral history collection.
Produced on the occasion of Box (a proposition for 10 years) 
at Commonwealth and Council. 



Mashacare: Home of the Freaks, Misfits, & Weirdos
Molly Surazhsky

This Lookbook draws upon the Mashacare SS19 Collection and uses sci-fi
narratives to construct an imaginary floating city named after Surazhsky’s
Babushka, Masha. Mashacare exists in a post-glacial future that Molly
Surazhsky has created and fashioned clothing for, as a way to envision
the inhabitants of a matriarchal and post-capitalist reality. 

Text contributions by Scott Benzel, Hailey Loman,
and Serena Aurora Day Himmelfarb. 
Design by Síta Valrún.

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LACA book

LACA Yearbook

An effort to make LACA internal documents public. LACA Books include:
Blueprint drawings of LACA
Processing Guidelines
Preservation Report
Internal Roles Chart
Welcome Packet
Deed of Gift
Community Reading Group Bookmark
LACA Jingle Score
Emergency Contact List
Oral History Mission
Oral History Consent Form
Oral History Interviewer/Interviewee trust chart
Hoard Inagural Essay
Personal Archives 01

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LACA Course Reader I

The LACA Course Reader is a collections of essays that mirror the mission
of  LACA. The reader’s do not accompany a course. LACA Course Reader I 
focuses on the institution as a producer of a shared cultural memory. 

Tony Bennett
The Political Rationality of the Museum

Hal Foster
Archives of Modern Art

Benjamin Hutchens
Techniques of Forgetting? Hypo-Amnesic History and the An-Archive

Hans Haacke
Museums Managers of Consciousness

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LACA Course Reader II

The second iteration of the LACA course reader with a focus on the spirit
of the collector. 

Tara Hart
How Do You Archive the Sky?

Marina Mauhler
Does Contemporary Art Need Museums Anymore

Declan Schweitzer
On the Mood of the Collector in the Digital Age

Charles Merewether
A Language to Come Japanese photography after the event

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 LACA Course Reader III

The third and newest iteration of the LACA course reader focuses on
marginalized groups left out of the the archive and implementing
ethical strategies for archivists.

Jose Munoz
Ephemera as Evidence
Introductory Notes to Queer Acts

Michelle Caswell
From Human Rights to Feminist Ethics - Radical Empathy in Archives

Piere Bourdieu
Reflexive Sociology Paris Workshop

Hailey Loman
Policy Briefing

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Impetu No.1

Impetu No.1 brings together work by a group of Los Angeles-born and
raised Latinx-Xicanx artists, illustrators, and researchers, invited by
LACA to experiment with collectivity and fugitivity to contribute to new
forms of cultural imagery. The group consists of Geani Sanabria,
Yair Sarmiento, Rosalinda Meza, Aaron Edmundo, Ezequiel Olvera,
Pablo Fernando, Efren Landeros, and Eduardo Robles.

The quarterly magazine will explore themes and concepts initiated
through informal discussion, affective exchange, workshops, and
risographic printing sessions. For issue No.1 Tianguis Místico, the
collective’s subjective pluralities constellate notions of self-nurture,
futurity, cosmology, transcendence, and eroticism through
compulsive détournement, drug-induced scribbling, meditative
jotting, lucid drawing, and satire cartooning.

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Lúcia Prancha

Bread Story: Some research for an oncoming film, 2019

Based on the script “The Bread-King Learns to Bake Bread”
by Bertolt Brecht (1898–1956) and Prancha’s experiences with
LA baker Roxana Jullapat. The concurrent narratives of Brecht and
Jullapat create the structure for the book and the film.

The book consolidates research into ideas of American labor and
production from 1941 to today and functions as an unconventional
script for the film in progress. The series of printed materials uses
LACA’s Risograph printing technique to mass produce an iteration
of the original book in order to disseminate information and
participate in a level of production associated with propaganda
and consumerism.

Edition of 25+5 A.P.

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Prima Sakuntabhai
L.E.H.M. (Le Corbusier Entering

Hadrian’s Mausoleum, 1965) is an accompaniment to a collage based lecture. Conceived of as a
bibliography and surrogate for the talk, the publication contains Post It notes, along with the script.

L.E.H.M. is a transhistorical fiction recounting how Le Corbusier became the heir to Emperor
Hadrian. Drawing parallels between Hadrian’s classicist architecture and Le Corbusier’s
Modernist proposal for colonial Algiers, the lecture makes connections between the two
architectural forms and the legacy of imperialism from Classical to Modernist thought.
Edition of 100

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Guadalupe Rosales

Endless Nights / Morning Anxiety Is a collection of 90’s
rave flyers from Los Angeles Latino/a party crew scene
and youth culture. By preserving these artifacts and
memorabilia, Rosales deconstructs and reframes
marginalized histories, offering platforms of conversation
and agency of self-representation.

Edition 100
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The Mountain School of Arts: The First Ten Years 

is a collection of 217 application essays submitted to the school between
2005 and 2015. The essays were colleced from the MSA’s incomplete
archive, and are unedited but anonymized. They include both students
who were “accepted” to the program, and those who were not.

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