Mountain School of Arts is an educational community of artists who provide instruction for an expansive field of inquiry. It acts as a supplement and amendment to the university system and creates a teacher to student relationship that is mutually beneficial. Mountain School has gifted and made accessible their library to the Los Angeles Contemporary Archive (LACA).

KCHUNG Radio  is an independent radio station that runs out of Chinatown, LA.  It has been controlled by a volunteer cooperative of artists since its inception in 2011.  Its archive, a collection of recordings of every show ever broadcast, is now searchable through the Los Angeles Contemporary Archive (LACA) website.

Contemporary Art Daily

Human Resources Gallery LACA grew out of frequent collaborations with Human Resources, a nonprofit performing arts organization located in Chinatown. Human Resources Gallery was founded in 2010 and serves as a point of convergence for diverse and disparate art communities to engage in conversation and idea-sharing promoting the sustainability of non-traditional art forms. The Human Resources archives are housed at Los Angeles Contemporary Archive (LACA).

The Southland Institute (for critical, durational, and typographic post-studio practices) is dedicated to exploring, identifying, and implementing meaningful, affordable, sustainable alternatives in design and art education in the United States. Through interconnected programming that includes a graduate-level typography workshop, in-depth discussion and critique of participant work and external exhibitions, partnering with local arts organizations, and a curriculum gleaned from public events and resources at area institutions, the Southland Institute offers a rigorous, accessible alternative to accredited higher education, with an emphasis on identifying exemplary public events, courses, screenings, lectures, trips, discussions, and readings involving image, typography, (infra)structure, sound, time, space, pedagogy, archives, and language, while proposing and implementing supplements where necessary. LACA and the Southland Institute frequently co-sponsor public programming, and LACA has made its space and archive available to Southland Institute workshops and participants.

Seeing is Forgetting is a artist-run podcast capturing conversations on contemporary art and culture in Los Angeles and beyond.  The interviews and conversations taking place are an extension of studio visits and bar conversations. The dialogue is intended to help navigate all things art related. The collection of recordings are searchable through the Los Angeles Contemporary Archive (LACA) website. 

PRIMARY is a type foundry in Los Angeles making new fonts, and a library of prototypical open-source fonts compiled from various collections and sites. LACA makes PRIMARY'S library searchable and available for download through the Los Angeles Contemporary Archive (LACA) website.