50 Weeks Soundtrack
Artist(s)/Author(s): Jennifer Moon
Format: Audio
Date Published/Produced: 2000
Reference Number: B24-32187.Mo
Acquisition Date: 2/3/2021
Copies: 1
Donated By: Young Chung

Soundtrack to the musical-documentary movie, "50 Weeks"
All Songs written by Malik Gaines based on the texts of Jennifer Moon, with the exception of "Snowboarding," written by Chris Nichols
"3CE" is adapted from Erik Satie's "Gnossiennes 1"
Produced by Jennifer Moon
Production Advisors/Engineers: Mayo Thompson and Tom Watson
Sponsored by Fine Art Graduate Studies at Art Center College of Design
Bill Bowman - bass
Brian Dyer - tap choreographer
Dustin Ericksen - bass
Malik Gaines - keyboards, acoustic guitar, backing vocals
Jade Gordon - dialogue
Stan Kaplan - drums
Michael Markowsky - backing vocals
Jennifer Moon - lead vocals, backing vocals, dialogue, tap
Chris Nichols - sequencing
Andy Ouchi - drums
Wallace Stasick - dialogue
Rachel Stolte - dialogue
Caroline Thomas - backing vocals
Tom Watson - electric guitar

On Love
Don't Want To Be A Robot-Equivalent
On Love - reprise
Capital I's
Let Go...(A Live Utopian Ballad)



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