homeLA // Pacific Palisades
Reference Number: DO.17195.NI
Location: Digital Online
Acquisition Date: 2/4/2016
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Donated By: Andrew Mandinach, Rebecca Bruno

homeLA // Pacific Palisades
Hosts: Victoria and Pergrin Jung

Odeya Nini
Personal Space
Hallway bathroom 5 minute private performances for 1-3 people

Pure Reality
Hallway bathroom
10 minutes prior to the end of each performance

Justin Streichman
palisades; and portals
living room, continuous

Christine Suarez and Carolina San Juan
screen time
master bedroom 10 minutes

Emily Marchand
Warm Welcome
dining room window, continuous

Yvonne Papanek
feeding time 2:30pm 
master bathroom

Shayna Keller
Awaga Nest
outdoors 2hrs

Jil Stein
you already know what's going to happen

Brigitte Nicole Grice
Just Stretch It Out
side yard, continuous

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