homeLA is a dance organization located in Los Angeles, California.

Historical Note
homeLA was founded in 2013 by Rebecca Bruno. It stages dance performances at varying locations throughout Los Angeles County, with emphasis on domestic spaces. Its programs are site-specific and focus on the idea of "home." The collection was donated by Rebecca Bruno and Andrew Mandinach. [Sources: 1, 2]

Scope and Contents
The collection features footage from performances, maintained as digital files. Artists include Lynn Bathke, Libby Buchanan, Alison D'Amato, Ariana Daub, Milka Djordjevich, Nick Duran, Amanda Furches, Brian Getnick, Kate Gilbert, Jeremy Hahn, Carmela Hermann, Grand Lady Dance House, Maya Gurantz, Marcus Herring, Kate M.S. Hoffman, Terrence Luke Johnson, Shayna Keller, Ronit Kirchman, Hana van der Kolk, Sarah Leddy, Michelle Jane Lee, Lindsey Lollie, MAK, Emily Marchand, Elanor Marks, Victoria Marks, Scott McCabe, Perin Hailey McNelis, Samantha Mohr, Julio Montero, Odeya Nini, Phoebe Osborne, Yvonne Papanek, Pure Reality, Elyse Reardon-Jung, Melanie Rios, Rikki Rothenberg, Carolina San Juan, Joe Seely, Selen Ermanav Dance Theater, Crystal Sepúlveda, Shirelle Sharf, Soyoung Shin, Alexx Shilling, Jil Stein, Sophia Stoller, Justin Streichman, Constance Strickland, Christine Suarez, Layard Thompson, Filipa Valente, Ally Voye, Alexa Weir, Anna Martine Whitehead, Flora Wiegman, Meg Wolfe, Asher Woodworth, and Allison Wyper.
Digital: Nine performance videos.

Related Materials
Rebecca Bruno


Titlesort descending Artist(s)/Author(s) Date Acquired Reference #
homeLA // Claremont Crystal Sepulveda, Odeya Nini 2/11/2016
homeLA // El Sereno Libby Buchanan, Emily Marchand, MAK, Sarah Leddy, Crystal Sepulveda, Elyse Reardon-Jung, Alexx Shilling, Hana van der Kolk, Asher Woodworth, Layard Thompson, Milka Djordjevich, Marcus Herring, Brian Getnick, Kate Gilbert 1/28/2015
homeLA // Frogtown Emily Marchand, Soyoung Shin, Filipa Valente, Constance Strickland, Samantha Mohr, Allison Wyper, Sophia Stoller 2/11/2016
homeLA // Highland Park Nick Duran, Grand Lady Dance House, Maya Gurantz, Anna Martine Whitehead, Elanor Marks, Phoebe Osborne, Jeremy Hahn, Lynn Bathke 1/28/2015
homeLA // J. B. Merrill House Elyse Reardon-Jung, Emily Marchand, Justin Streichman, Kate M.S. Hoffman , Shirelle Sharf , Victoria Marks, Alison D' Amato 2/11/2016
homeLA // Marco's Lindsey Lollie, Joe Seely, Ariana Daub, Joe Seely 2/11/2016
homeLA // Pacific Palisades Odeya Nini, Justin Streichman, Christine Suarez, Carolina San Juan, Yvonne Papanek, Shayna Keller, Emily Marchand, Jil Stein, Pure Reality 2/4/2016
homeLA // San Marino Alexx Shilling, Emily Marchand, Elyse Reardon-Jung, Maya Gurantz, Julio Montero, Amanda Furches, Selen Ermanav Dance Theater, Melanie Rios, Perin Hailey McNelis, Rikki Rothenberg, Ronit Kirchman, Nick Duran, Flora Wiegman, Jil Stein, Alexa Weir, Meg Wolfe, Kate Gilbert 1/28/2015
homeLA:studio // The Brewery Filipa Valente, Terrence Luke Johnson, Scott McCabe, Carmela Hermann , Elyse Reardon-Jung, Ariana Daub, Ally Voye, Michelle Jane Lee 3/27/2015