homeLA // San Marino
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Donated By: Rebecca Bruno, Andrew Mandinach

homeLA // Mount Washington
hosts: Chloe Flores and Tim Lefevre

Alexandra Shilling
ABSENCE: A History Deconstructed
a suspicious attempt at reconstructing a past without proof
Brought to life by: Sarah Jacobs, Aaron Kahn, Carol McDowell and Madison Page
Direction: Alexandra Shilling/Alexx Makes Dances
Additional research: Shayna Keller and Sarah Leddy
6:00PM in cul-de-sac, between recreation room and staircase

Emily Marchand and Elyse Reardon-Jung
cocktails in the tub

Maya Gingery
In the place where man and nature meet is the Liminal, the veranda, the space where only the body can speak.
6:00pm-7:30pm below the pool

Julio Montero, Cuñao

Musica Del Recuerdo
20 min 6:15pm on upstairs patio

Amanda Furches
The Mountain
'This [dance] is not exclusively - or even mainly - about humans. There is no main character. My agenda is to lure you into thinking about whole systems, not just individual systems, not just individual parts…Solitude is only a human presumption.' Barbara Kingsolver
6:15pm on neighbors back hill

Selen Ermanav Dance Theater
Stand Still Segments
6:45pm in living room

Melanie Rios
Dreaming of Greatness
ongoing on GuestHaus roof

Perin Hailey McNelis
Monsoon Season
My score is a slow building improvisation based on blind contour drawing. I explore the physical, emotional, and sensory landscape of my childhood home (Tucson, AZ), that is living in my body, absorbed and ingested.

Ronit Kirchman
Liminal: Night
When would you say the night ends and the day begins? What is it that makes something late or early?
7:15-8:00pm on outdoor patio

Rikki Rothenberg
Success is Possible
Authentic Movement as performance (2013)
45 min ongoing

Nick Duran
Peripheral Son
until the sun sets on the sloping land behind GuestHaus

Flora Wiegman
Swimming Laps
8:00pm on the pool

Jil Stein
Video: Jil Stein
Sound: Eric Nordhauser and Dric Carson
Bodies: Alexa Weir and Samantha Goodman
8:00pm-8:30pm in the Bunker Shelter

Alexa Weir
We Used to get High in Limestone Caves
Ongoing in healing space

Meg Wolfe and Kate Gilbert
Floor Plans
Ongoing on master bedroom patio