The Invisible Archive: Caroline Boettcher (No. 2)
Artist(s)/Author(s): Mario Margani, Caroline Boettcher
Format: Book
Edition: 50
ISBN: 2693-1184
Date Aired/Exhibited: 2/16/2020
City Produced/Published: Berlin
Reference Number: ST.35705.MA
Location: Stacks
Acquisition Date: 11/11/2023

As a creative research journal, The Invisible Archive (TIA) is committed to creating a dialogue that investigates how ideas on performativity and embodiment complicate and inform the conventions under which art is made, shared, and understood. By manifesting new relationships between rigorous writing and the radical nature of time itself, the journal critically documents the unique experiences and knowledge produced by cultural workers and artists who primarily work through performance, time-based strategies, and who use their bodies for social, ecological, and political change. The journal is especially interested in discussing the invisible labor, politics, and challenges attached to practices that are vulnerable due to their ephemeral nature, institutional neglect, cultural bias, or politically unpopular content.

Mario Margani (b. 1985 in Enna, Italy) lives and works in Berlin and Enna. As a curator, writer, and artist, Mario works in the field of exhibition-making and collaborates with artist-run project spaces as well as cultural institutions. He is the co-founder of Garage Arts Platform (a residency and project space in his hometown Enna), a member of the Berlin collective n-leben and an occasional writer for the Italian-English online platform His current interest lies in a discursive and fragmentary approach towards the dramaturgy of an exhibition space that he intersects with theatrical, literary and fictional elements. Through his proceeding, he seeks to question the attributes of institutionalization, authorship, commodification, and authenticity on individual and corporate scales.

-Invisible Archive

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