Queer Formalism: The Return
Artist(s)/Author(s): William J. Simmons
Format: Book
Keywords: queer, LGBTQIA
Edition: Second edition
ISBN: 3982389402
City Produced/Published: Berlin
Reference Number: 33809.SI
Acquisition Date: 9/1/2022

Queer Formalism: The Return expands upon William J. Simmons’s original, influential essay “Notes on Queer Formalism” from 2013, offering novel ways of thinking about queer-feminist art outside of the critical-complicit and abstract-representational binaries that continue to haunt contemporary queer art. It therefore proposes a new kind of queer art writing, one that skirts the limits imposed by normative histories of art and film. Artists addressed in Queer Formalism: The Return include: Sally Mann, David Lynch, Lars von Trier, Math Bass, Lorna Simpson, Laurie Simmons, Alex Prager, Lana Del Rey, and Louise Lawler, among others.

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